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Utility Services Group, LLC. has been providing contracted services to local, municipal, and private utility companies since its creation in 2013. Company Founder and Owner, Jamin Banning worked in the steel industry for over eighteen years. He has always been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to build his own company. Utility Services Group, LLC. is the culmination of this entrepreneurial ambition. Jamin's wife, Stacey, has now joined the team of Utility Services Group as Co-Owner with Jamin. 

Stacey has had a successful career in nursing for over 20 years, primarily working in organ transplantation. During this time, her focus was centered around quality, compliance, and leadership. These skills also translate to her new roll with Utility Services Group.


In a competitive and rapidly growing industry, Jamin and Stacey firmly believe in the value of a job well done - meaning a job done safely, accurately and on time. Their goal is to provide exemplary, responsive customer service in providing DOT certified gas line installations, directional boring, excavation, property reclamation, meter and regulator station maintenance, and repair and restoration for new and updated utility installations.

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